Digital Reporter

  • Cox Media Group
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • Mar 21, 2018
Full time Media-Journalism Internet Media

Job Description

The Digital News department is searching for a dynamic, high-energy reporter with prior newsroom and on-air experience to capture the fascinating people, places and peculiarities of Palm Beach County. We're talking about a truly digital-first, digital-best reporter — bringing multimedia, broadcast and print skills to the table.    This person will be expected to produce engaging content on a regular basis, in any form that best illustrates the story. For just one story, this reporter may do several interviews, shoot their own photos, add a graphic for Pinterest and then translate the story for Instagram stories. And no, this does not mean just writing "snackable" content or writing off press releases. Exploring the narrative form is just as important as writing quick and light. Likewise, maintaining community relationships so you're the first reporter someone calls for breaking community/dining/entertainment news is just as important as researching local and national trends.   Think about your life when you're "off the clock." What do you do? What fills your time, what inspires you, what gets on your nerves? This reporter will delve deeply into our communities. What makes them tick? What do they care about? Where are they getting their news and how can you meet them in those spaces?   This reporter will have an innate understanding of content distribution — that is, social media, email, websites and SEO. He or shemust understand the audience they are writing for, and cater coverage to fit specific platforms. Being adept at social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter) is a must, as is knowing what content best fits which platform. You will be expected to have a voice in every piece that you write, a voice that is both honest, relatable and fun.   Additionally, this reporter will take an active role in exploring new platforms like Alexa, Facebook Watch and podcasts. This person must follow metrics and understand what works and what doesn’t. They must adjust and tweak their coverage to ensure we’re giving our audience the content they want.
Qualifications Responsibilities:
  • Must be able to write quickly and comprehensively, and juggle between short blog posts, fast turnaround stories, and long features. This is not a job of only long-form narratives, but will include everything from quick online aggregation to breaking news coverage. Like all Post reporters, this person will focus on writing for digital while editors choose what appears in print.
  • Must be agile in all forms of digital media (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Alexa, podcast platforms, Reddit) and be comfortable on-camera. Must understand, through analytics and metrics, our audience’s demographics and be able to reach them with posts and stories that have broad online impact.
  • Must have demonstrable feature-writing skills in voice, quality and in-depth reporting, and an ability to be a self-starter and have creative story ideas daily.
  • Must have demonstrable on-air reporting skills showing personality, poise, quick thinking and a disarming nature
  • Must be able to parachute into breaking news stories and write both daily stories and intriguing features off the day’s news.