Real Estate Agent (Fluent in Spanish)

  • Pied piper Group
  • Oak Brook, IL, USA
  • Jun 10, 2024
Full time Bilingual Real Estate

Job Description

As an On-Site Real Estate Agent fluent in Spanish, you will play a crucial role in facilitating real estate transactions and providing exceptional service to clients. Your proficiency in Spanish will enable effective communication and relationship-building, enhancing the overall experience for clients involved in real estate transactions. With a 3-month probation period, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and adaptability in the role, working directly on-site to meet the needs of clients and ensure smooth transactions. 


1. Client Engagement: Engage with clients to understand their real estate needs and preferences.

2. Property Listings: List properties for sale or rent, ensuring accurate and appealing descriptions. 

3. Property Showings: Conduct property showings for prospective buyers, highlighting key features and addressing inquiries.

4. Negotiation: Negotiate purchase offers and lease agreements on behalf of clients, striving to achieve favorable terms.

5. Purchase Contract Creation: Draft and review purchase contracts, ensuring legal compliance and clarity for all parties involved. 

6. Transaction Coordination: Coordinate transaction details, including scheduling inspections, appraisals, and closing dates.

7. Client Representation: Represent clients during property inspections, providing guidance and assistance throughout the process. 

8. Third-Party Collaboration: Collaborate with various third parties, such as lenders, inspectors, and attorneys, to facilitate smooth transactions.

9. Market Research: Stay updated on market trends, property values, and legal requirements, providing valuable insights to clients. 

10. Client Communication: Maintain regular communication with clients, providing updates and addressing any concerns promptly.

11. Documentation: Ensure accurate and timely documentation of all transactions, adhering to regulatory standards and company policies.

12. Relationship Building: Cultivate strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and industry professionals to foster trust and referrals.

 Education and Certificate Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent (required).

Real estate license (required).

Additional coursework or certification in real estate, sales, or related fields is a plus.

Fluency in Spanish (required).

Prior experience in real estate or customer service roles is preferred but not required for entry-level positions.

Pay Range: ($42,000)