eMed’s Mission is to Democratize Healthcare. 

Our strategy is to combine the most authoritative and inexpensive in-home test kits with the largest real-time network of certified remote proctors.

As our initial offering, we architected the first at-home, digital point of care Covid-19 test in 2020. Our Test-to-Treat ™ technology shortens the time it takes to get healthy by giving you verified test results and access to treatment within minutes, from anywhere.  In the past year alone, we have provided tens of millions of virtually-proctored at-home COVID-19 tests to consumers, businesses and governments. Millions of eMed traveling customers have used our CDC-accepted testing solution for re-entry into the United States from over 200 countries.

To deliver our mission, eMed will continue to break new ground in affordability and access, expand our partnerships globally, and address the broadest range of in-home testable illnesses.

While the company is currently focused on the global COVID-19 pandemic, it will expand its technology to other use cases and common illnesses to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for both consumers and enterprises alike.