Long-time friends, Brandon Cruz and Clint Jones, were shopping for health insurance after college. Finding coverage – and understanding how to use it – proved to be anything but simple. They faced mountains of paperwork, confusing health insurance terminology, and astronomical prices. At one point, they turned to each other and said, “There has to be better way.”

So, in 2001, they set out to find that better way. Brandon and Clint founded GoHealth, a company that revolutionized the health insurance shopping process – and the health care industry as a whole. While the future of the health care industry is ever-changing, our focus and determination has remained razor-sharp. As our customers evolve, as their needs continue to change and adjust, so does GoHealth.

Everyone who is a part of GoHealth – from our executive team to our board to each one of our hundreds of employees across the country – understands the importance of what we do every day. We’re here for Americans, we understand their needs, and we work harder to get them what they deserve.