Alloy is the smart identity solution for the financial services industry. We help companies in financial services and other regulated industries safely onboard more “good” customers without introducing any additional fraud into their systems. We connect many data sources used for identity verification into a rules engine, allowing a “waterfall” of information through a series of checks across different service providers. In short, we’re an almost four-year-old financial technology startup based in NYC that’s doing cool stuff.

The current team is thirteen people strong, led by the three founders Tommy Nicholas (CEO), Laura Spiekerman (CRO), and Charles Hearn (CTO), out of our offices in New York’s Chinatown. We're nice people. We're also well-funded (15+ months of runway) and post-revenue so your paychecks won't bounce.

As we build out our team, we're looking to diversify in terms of people, thought, and perspective. We welcome candidates from all genders, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.