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Looking for a work from home job but worried you won't be paid enough? If you thought working remotely equated to less pay, you couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, research and analysis of popular remote jobs and industries such as technology, show that these roles and sectors are quite lucrative. READ MORE AT FORBES
Working from home can definitely be appealing—no dress code, no in-person supervision, no commute time, and the freedom to decide where you work. However, working remotely can present some significant and unique challenges that can create considerable stress. Utilize helpful tips to reduce your work-associated stress and set yourself up to effectively work at home. READ MORE AT VERYWELLMIND
Roxy Couse's starts her mornings by getting changed into an outfit for work, picking out a bag, and putting her laptop in its cover. The 35-year-old then makes the "commute" to her workspace — a designated home office that is just a short walk in her Indiana house from where she gets ready for the day. All of these different ways to get ready for the work day have helped Couse with her self-described work-from-home fatigue. READ MORE AT...
As Americans demand better benefits and work-life balance, employers are realizing that offering employees permanently-remote opportunities will help fill those job openings that are in desperate need of filling. A new report from Ziply Fiber says that companies that do not offer remote work in 2022 will see a 30% rise in quit rates. READ MORE AT CONCHO VALLEY
Changing jobs is an ideal opportunity to take time off, and we all know that having sufficient down time is instrumental in starting any new job refreshed and recharged, ready to take on a new challenge. In an ideal world, we would take sabbaticals in between jobs, which can be particularly helpful in the case of burnout. READ MORE AT HBR
The job market is hot right now, and opportunities abound. Even if you are not specifically looking, you never know when something will come knocking on your door. Knowing what you want from your career and having current information ready can help you take advantage of opportunities when they arise. READ MORE AT C&EN
After more than a year of managing work, ZOOM sessions and staying connected from home, one in four employees are considering a leap to a new career, Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey says. The shift comes as many workers enjoy a new work-life balance, with less time spent on long commutes and in-person meetings. Amid all of this newfound freedom are those who have re-examined their current careers and are looking...
In addition to on-site yoga classes and ergonomic desks, companies may have a new wellness initiative up their sleeves — granting workers an annual period of remote work.   Remote work has proved popular with many workers, with 54% of employees saying they want to keep working from home after the pandemic ends. READ MORE AT CNBC
Before the pandemic, women spent about four hours a day on unpaid household work. Men spent about two and a half. Once COVID hit, that number became even more disproportionate. That unfolded basket of laundry is so much more than just a battle of the sexes. It's hurting our economy. According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: "Two extra hours of unpaid work per day such as cleaning, cooking or caring for a child leads to a 10%...
You no longer need to go into an office every day to earn a paycheck — and a fat paycheck, at that. Professionals with high levels of experience and training can earn just as much working from home as they would in a traditional work setting if they know the right career to choose. READ MORE AT YAHOO FINANCE
Even as vaccines start to make the rounds in the U.S., the new year promises more of the same. Major corporations like Target, Google, and Ford have extended at-home measures to July 2021. Still others, like Dropbox and Twitter, have adopted policies that allow employees to work from home permanently if they choose, opening the possibility of moving to a more affordable location and getting some much-needed elbow room. READ MORE AT MONEY
Well-being is slumping at worrying rates for women. With COVID-19 and its resulting "she-cession," some women may feel like we've backtracked 30 years — juggling our roles and responsibilities of work, family, and beyond.  Women can face more transitions than men, and often feel unsupported at the workplace and beyond. This, in turn, can affect job satisfaction, work quality, and productivity. READ MORE AT BUSINESS INSIDER