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It feels like everything goes dead the last few weeks of the year; we all know it. But if you’re looking for a new job, that dead time can be a real downer. Six weeks is a long time to wait for a paycheck, or to get out of a job you hate. Fortunately, even though things do slow down in December, it’s not impossible to. READ MORE AT FORBES
Expanding your network is a critical part of career development. It’s essential to meet prospective partners and clients, improve your skillset, and stay updated with the latest trends in your industry. So with this in mind, what can you do to keep connecting with others virtually? Here are 4 ways to network during remote work. READ MORE AT THE ENTERPRISERS PROJECT
If you’ve been invited to an online networking event, you might be feeling apprehensive. There’s no question that networking in the absence of face-to-face interaction is tricky, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it and the more comfortable you’ll feel. Here are five ways to shine when virtual networking. READ MORE AT THOMAS
With the shift to our new virtual world, you have probably found it more difficult to build and sustain professional relationships. Yet, the virtual technologies we are all using have expanded opportunities to network and build connections. It is possible to build relationships by using virtual experiences. The challenge is, how do you do it? READ MORE AT NURSERY MANAGEMENT
In pre-COVID days, most of us would have had a full travel schedule and planned to attend multiple conferences and meetings this spring. Even with the introduction of several vaccines, travel plans are still on hold for many, and it is unlikely that business travel will reach the levels seen previously. READ MORE AT NU PROPERTY CASUALTY360
How effective is networking in a virtual environment versus in-person? Networking has certainly evolved during the pandemic. Fortunately, we have technology to facilitate continued interaction, and we have to continue to move forward. For those who are in a position in which they are expected to bring in business now or in the future, networking and building a network is particularly important. READ MORE AT VIRGINIA LAWYERS WEEKLY
The first week of February is International Networking Week. Now that companies have turned virtual, many people are conducting business virtually.  We’re talking body language tips for virtual networking.  When you’re on zoom, you want to be three or four feet away from the camera. This will allow people to see your gestures and upper body. This way you’re not just a bobblehead. READ MORE AT WFMY NEWS 2