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You likely felt a surge of excitement when you made the decision to switch careers. But what should you do if your job hunt starts to become a tedious and disheartening slog — and the  gap on your resume is growing wider by the day? How can you address your extended absence from the workforce without making excuses? And how can you stay motivated and resolved in the face of setbacks? READ MORE AT HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW
Companies around the world have continued to downsize following the overhiring spree during the pandemic. Since the start of the year, more than 57,000 employees have been laid off globally, according to From Alphabet to Meta, Amazon to Microsoft, big tech firms have taken a huge hit, with nearly 230 firms in the industry cutting jobs this year. READ MORE AT CNBC
You’re not alone if you’re feeling fatigued in your job hunt. In fact, you may have found that the slowness in hiring has you applying to more jobs. Data shows workers are applying to more roles compared to a year ago.  Many job seekers are using AI programs like ChatGPT to create résumés and cover letters on demand that match the skills and qualifications of the job. READ MORE AT FORBES
Even though the end of the year can be busy, job searchers can still make progress during the holiday season. As such, you have every reason to want to shut your laptop, chuck on your comfy clothes, and sit in front of the TV for a few days. But I’m here to tell you why you should not give up this winter. In fact, here are five reasons that you shouldn’t press pause on your job search—even during the holidays. READ...
Believe it or not, career breaks are now more common than ever. The top life experiences that required a career break — defined as taking more than a month off work — were health or wellness issues and job transitions, according to the research by market research firm Milieu Insight. People also took career breaks to travel (13%), to raise children, (12%) and care for others (10%), the data showed. READ MORE AT CNBC
Forget howling monsters or vampire attacks. More than half of U.S. job seekers are most spooked about being ghosted: that mysterious radio silence from a recruiter or hiring manager who had been in hot pursuit of the candidate. Prepping well for the interview can help job seekers ward off being ghosted—and is a lot more effective than stockpiling garlands of garlic or piles of salt. READ MORE AT SHRM
Writing a resume can be a huge challenge for many people and makes the difference whether you end up in the 'yes' pile, or the trash. If you are sending out lots of resumes and hearing zero back, it could be that you need to tweak your resume. The average length of unemployment as of April 2023 was 20.9 weeks, or a little over five months, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. READ MORE AT NEWSWEEK
Spring cleaning isn’t something regulated to the season in its name. You can spring clean whenever you feel the need to declutter or purge. It isn’t an activity you only do with your living space or office desk; you can spring clean your life, including your career. READ MORE AT MAKE USE OF
Resume, Curriculum Vitae, whatever you want to call it, they can be really tough to write. Many of us really struggle to write about ourselves, highlighting our achievements and making us sound like the very best versions of ourselves.  How to write and present your resume varies dramatically depending on the job and sector you are applying for, an aerospace engineer, for example, will probably approach their resume slightly...
You only get less than 7.5 seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention when they read your resume for the first time. As a career coach who has helped hundreds of people polish their resumes and land jobs, I’ve seen too many candidates focus mostly on formatting, such as the font, spacing and page count. But words matter more. According to Harvard resume experts, your chances of getting...
Job interviews can be intimidating but preparing for the different types of interview questions you may be asked can have a significant payoff. Your resume, career experience and cover letter can only take you so far — now it’s time to bring it home and prove why you’re the best person for the role. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR    
Creating a new resume and cover letter for each application that is tailored to the job description can help you stand out as a candidate. To save time, it can help to create a template resume and cover letter with all of your experience, skills and accomplishments. These core documents will serve as your starting points as you tailor your experience and examples for each application. This can help you focus more on adapting your documents...