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The tech industry has seen job cuts recently, but there is still a high demand for people who work in software and data. The employment site is out with its list of best jobs and ranks full-stack developer as the No. 1 position, CBS News reports. ranks jobs based on salary, availability and flexibility. READ MORE AT CBS KCCI8
Employees who stay in their current jobs are getting the biggest pay raises in decades, according to  The Wall Street Journal.     Wages for workers who stayed at their jobs were up 5.5% in November from a year earlier, averaged over 12 months, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.  Employees who changed companies, job duties or occupations saw even greater wage gains of 7.7% in November from a year...
The “perfect job” doesn’t exist — but the most popular, sought-after roles have a few attributes in common: competitive salaries, a positive workplace culture and clear opportunities for career advancement. According to new research from Indeed, many of the top jobs are seeing rapid growth and offering six-figure salaries. READ MORE AT CNBC
Many factors contribute to a person’s level of effort in the workplace. For some, the size of their paycheck is a motivator. For others it’s about doing a good job in their role. And for more than a third, 35% of workers, stress or burnout have a significant effect on their ability to perform, according to a Q3 Joblist survey of 18,911 jobseekers. READ MORE AT CNBC
Whether you’re planning to return to the workforce, switch industries or functions, pursue a leadership role, seek out more money, or find a job that better fits your lifestyle, this is your year. If asking for a raise or seeking out a higher-paying job has been on your career to-do list, this is a great year to make a move that helps you level up in terms of compensation. READ MORE AT FAST COMPANY