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There’s a lot more to networking than just making accounts and going to events. You’ll get the best results by coming in with an appropriate goal, attitude, and strategy. Online or offline, many of the same principles will always apply when meeting new people and getting a job. To prepare yourself, see if you can implement these five tips on how to network. READ MORE AT FAST COMPANY
Networking is well worth it, and it can help you open many doors in your business. For introverts connecting and networking in large crowds may always feel a bit awkward. However, with some key tips, you will find that networking can be less stressful and more fun. When meeting people at networking events, make sure you come prepared with ideas for what you want to share. At times, you may only have five minutes, so you have to treat it as...
If you’ve been applying to jobs and not getting interviews or offers, you may not be selling yourself enough. You can have the greatest resume or speak brilliantly in an interview, but if you don’t sell yourself, it can often be the difference between getting a job offer or not. READ MORE AT HBR
The end of 2022 is upon us, with people celebrating an array of holidays or simply looking forward to some time off. And while you might be making plans with friends and family in the coming weeks, this time of year is an opportunity to strengthen your professional networks as well. READ MORE AT CNBC
Successful networking goes beyond just connecting with lots of people: it’s about building a community to share ideas, help solve problems, and to create opportunities for one another. We all have challenges, failures, and the need for encouragement, but often we are hesitant to reach out to others for help. It can be especially hard for women to engage others to help advance their career. READ MORE ON FORBES  
Another year is fading into the past and the holidays are right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: holiday gatherings. In addition to some much-needed relaxation and celebration, holiday gatherings provide another opportunity: the chance to network. Every successful business professional and savvy job seeker knows the importance of networking to one’s career, and the increased social activity that takes place during...
Building a strong professional network is an important element in career development, and could even be the key to your success. A good network opens you up to exciting new career opportunities, as well as helping you to strengthen your knowledge, develop your skills, and have meaningful discussions with others. However, it’s not just about creating a large network; it is also important that you make close, long-lasting relationships...
The ability to network efficiently and create meaningful connections is necessary for success in entrepreneurship and life. From meeting new investors willing to bet on you or hiring the best employees, networking is the foundation of building your community and seeking new knowledge and opportunities. However, it does not come easily to many people, as putting yourself out in the world may feel like stepping out of...
Introverts need a rebrand. There’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the personality type that conflates their core characterization with shyness, which is simply inaccurate. Despite the misconception, there is truth to adage “your network is your net worth,” in that career opportunities are largely hinged on connections. READ MORE AT ESSENCE
Let’s just start by saying there’s so much value in having a fantastic network when you’re in the corporate world or running your own business. My network helps me with motivation, personal drive and mental health. I use it to bounce off new ideas, workshop current ideas and troubleshoot problems at work and at home. READ MORE AT THE HONEYCOMBERS
Why are connections important in business? They’re the threads holding everything together. The more relationships you have, the more intricate your network becomes. The trick is to build something that lasts. That means not only creating relationships but strengthening them by honoring your commitment to others in everything you do. Here are tips for building strong connections. READ MORE AT NEW ORLEANS CITY BUSINESS
Networking is a practice developed by professionals — whether they work for themselves or for others — that seeks to create and increase a network of contacts. It is not a novel activity, since it has traditionally been very common in business circles, but it has increased in importance as a consequence of digitalisation. READ MORE AT SANTANDER