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With job openings surging and unemployment at 3.6%, the U.S. labor market, by some estimates, is the tightest it has ever been. In this environment, Americans are quitting their jobs at a historic pace – many in search of higher pay – as employers are raising salaries to attract new talent and keep their workforce. While average hourly wages are climbing steadily across many jobs, there are a handful of occupations that...
Whether you’re planning to return to the workforce, switch industries or functions, pursue a leadership role, seek out more money, or find a job that better fits your lifestyle, this is your year. If asking for a raise or seeking out a higher-paying job has been on your career to-do list, this is a great year to make a move that helps you level up in terms of compensation. READ MORE AT FAST COMPANY
Many employers give out raises at the start of the year. But what if you didn't see your pay go up to kick off 2022? Or what if your pay  did  get a bump, but you're still not happy with what your paycheck amounts to? There are plenty of ways a higher salary could help your financial picture. Getting paid more could make it so you're able to put more money into your savings account, pay off expensive debt, or...
It's no secret that many people hope to score a promotion in the new year. The good news is this goal might not be out of reach, provided that you start putting in the effort now. Find out what steps you can take now to ensure you climb the career ladder. 1. Take Charge in One-on-One Meetings. Read more at Yahoo Finance
Negotiating the salary when you’re being offered a job can feel uncomfortable. If you don’t, though, you may be leaving money on the table.  They key to understanding what kind of negotiating power you have is to take the emotion out of the process and focus on facts. READ MORE AT FAST COMPANY