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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, where change is constant and competition is fierce, mentorship stands as a beacon of guidance and wisdom. It’s not only a relationship between two individuals, but rather a powerful tool that fuels personal and professional growth, drives innovation, and fosters success. READ MORE AT FORBES
Mentorship programs in the workplace are more than just a trend; they are a competitive advantage. A growing body of research underlines their compelling benefits, making them an attractive proposition for both job seekers and employers. In fact, 85% of job seekers are more attracted to companies offering mentorship programs. READ MORE AT MEDRIVA
Everyone needs career guidance from time to time. If you’re feeling stuck, advice from a mentor can often help you figure out where you should take your career next and how to get there. Finding the right person or combination of people can help you evaluate your career with a more critical eye and decide if you want to make changes in your career path. While it can be hard to ask for help, the results will be worth it. READ MORE AT...
Techniques to help you develop your professional skills, become a better leader, transition roles, and more. Amazon offers a number of skills-training, networking, and development programs to help employees advance their careers. We spoke to five Amazon employees about their experiences with these programs, and asked them to share their top tips for finding your path, developing your skills, and building connections. READ MORE AT ABOUT...
It's no shock that workers want growth opportunities within their companies. What's disappointing is that the majority of workers are dissatisfied by the efforts their employers have made to provide clarity around career paths and opportunities. Only 17% say their job gives room for advancement and only 23% report they have opportunities to move into a new career/role within their company. READ MORE AT INSIDER
When it comes to exploring career paths or finding jobs and internships, your network can be a useful tool. Networking can sometimes feel awkward or intimidating, but it’s helpful to remember that it’s just a conversation and a chance to get to know someone new. Here are some tips for feeling more comfortable with networking.  READ MORE AT UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER