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In a fast-paced, ever-changing industry like tech, and especially in the world of engineering where the trending language can change by the month, it’s common to feel unprepared or out of place. Ashley Griffin, an engineering manager at  HealthVerity , has dealt with impostor syndrome throughout her career, even when earning a master’s degree and landing her managerial role. READ MORE AT TECHNICAL.LY
Networking has long been recognized as an essential element of building a career, establishing oneself in a community or growing a business. But the benefits and impact of professional networking go far beyond simply making connections. Professional networking can open doors that may have previously been inaccessible, expand your thinking and allow you to innovate, making it one of the smartest investments you will ever make. Here are...
The characteristics that define a strong brand all begin with the letter C. When building and nurturing a strong personal brand, you have a lot more to think about than these ten C’s, but no brand is truly powerful unless it aces the Ten C Test. As you think about growing your brand and your career success, ask yourself if you exhibit all ten C’s. Are you: READ MORE AT FORBES
There’s a lot more to networking than just making accounts and going to events. You’ll get the best results by coming in with an appropriate goal, attitude, and strategy. Online or offline, many of the same principles will always apply when meeting new people and getting a job. To prepare yourself, see if you can implement these five tips on how to network. READ MORE AT FAST COMPANY
The ability to network efficiently and create meaningful connections is necessary for success in entrepreneurship and life. From meeting new investors willing to bet on you or hiring the best employees, networking is the foundation of building your community and seeking new knowledge and opportunities. However, it does not come easily to many people, as putting yourself out in the world may feel like stepping out of...
Why are connections important in business? They’re the threads holding everything together. The more relationships you have, the more intricate your network becomes. The trick is to build something that lasts. That means not only creating relationships but strengthening them by honoring your commitment to others in everything you do. Here are tips for building strong connections. READ MORE AT NEW ORLEANS CITY BUSINESS
Networking is a practice developed by professionals — whether they work for themselves or for others — that seeks to create and increase a network of contacts. It is not a novel activity, since it has traditionally been very common in business circles, but it has increased in importance as a consequence of digitalisation. READ MORE AT SANTANDER
Yes, introverts can learn how to network. In fact, introverts' self-awareness, genuineness, and passion can help them master this essential skill. Figuring out how to network presents difficulties for all of us, particularly introverts. If socializing tires or intimidates you, you may feel unsure of what improving your networking skills will take. READ MORE AT ZDNET
If you have worked for a bad leader, you likely already have the answer to why good leadership matters. Good leadership can make the difference between enjoying your job and tolerating your job.  Before we dig into what makes a leader good, let’s think about the costs of bad leadership. Even before the Great Resignation of the COVID 19 pandemic, bad leaders cost their organizations in terms of reduced productivity and...
In business and in life, companies and individuals strive to be unique and create a differentiator between themselves and others. The truest way to execute this is to build the right, long-lasting relationships. This leads to a few questions.   Are you invested in the right relationships? And I mean really invested? READ MORE AT FASTCOMPANY