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The Great Resignation seems to be far from over. In fact, a survey from Fidelity Investments revealed that nearly four out of ten workers in the US are looking to make a job switch in the coming year. And it’s not just ordinary workers that are leaving their jobs. Even managers are joining the Great Resignation. But why are workers still jumping ship? READ MORE AT FORBES
Yes, introverts can learn how to network. In fact, introverts' self-awareness, genuineness, and passion can help them master this essential skill. Figuring out how to network presents difficulties for all of us, particularly introverts. If socializing tires or intimidates you, you may feel unsure of what improving your networking skills will take. READ MORE AT ZDNET
The job market is still really hot. But concerns about the economy have many people wondering if their jobs are secure enough to survive. There is no way to guarantee that your job will be safe, career advisers say. But you can control how much facetime you have with colleagues and put in extra efforts, say hiring managers and career advisers, several of whom advise people who work remotely to think about going into the...
Not liking your job is a serious problem that leads to job burnout and takes a toll on your mental health. It will be important for you to take a step back and assess the situation to determine if this is a temporary feeling or if it goes deeper than that. Temporary feelings of frustration are normal, and they can stem from recent job changes or a conflict with a co-worker. If you despise your job though, and you’ve felt this way for...
Job interviews can be intimidating but preparing for the different types of interview questions you may be asked can have a significant payoff. Your resume, career experience and cover letter can only take you so far — now it’s time to bring it home and prove why you’re the best person for the role. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR    
For most of us, our pre-pandemic work lives centered heavily around a physical office space. Fueled by in-person interactions, workplace perks, and office social events, a strong sense of community and culture was important to the success of any organization. The pandemic changed this. No longer is remote work seen as a perk – it’s now a common offering that’s here to stay. READ MORE AT THE ENTERPRISERS PROJECT
There are many benefits to working abroad, both personally and professionally. It’s a great way to experience a different culture, gain experience in your field of study and work for outstanding companies and organizations. Here are some tips to start your job search if you’re interested in working abroad or having an international career based in the U.S. READ MORE AT UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER
If we learned one thing from the pandemic, life is too short to be unhappy at work. Do some soul searching. Uncover what your purpose is. What motivates you? What drives your passion for your work? Your reasons should be your own—not those imparted by others. Direct your career. Find your unique purpose, embrace it, and let it propel you. READ MORE AT FORBES
With the economy heating up, a once-in-a-generation job search is underway. Millions of Americans are seeking — and landing — better jobs for better pay.  You probably want a piece of the action too. And experts offer 14 tips for maximizing your prospects. The shift is huge, as evidenced by the so-called Great Resignation. READ MORE AT INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY
The average time a worker stays at a job is a little over four years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means there's a good chance that you'll find yourself in the market for a new job or even a new career at some point in your working life. Unfortunately, plenty of other people are searching for the same position. READ MORE AT YAHOO FINANCE
It is most people’s dream to climb the corporate ladder as they grow in their careers. This however, is not a straight path and it often comes with its set of trials. Navigating this process can be really challenging, however with some guidelines, achieving career growth can be attainable. READ MORE AT THE NEW TIMES
Change is scary in any facet of your life. If you’re embarking on a job search, it can feel daunting, stressful, and downright overwhelming. But, before you start firing off your resume, it’s important to stay organized, track your progress, and focus on creating a positive mindset. Below are simple things you can do to set proper parameters that will keep your equilibrium for an upcoming job search.  READ MORE AT ABOVE THE...