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Looking for a new job and a higher salary last year was not a priority. Holding onto the job you had seemed like the smart thing to do. But now in 2021, COVID vaccines are being distributed, schools are reopening, and most people have a much greater sense of certainty about their jobs and their value in the market. READ MORE AT INFORMATION WEEK
How do I negotiate an IT salary for a fully (or mostly) remote position? Remote work isn’t new, but the numbers of IT pros now working from home or another location outside of the traditional corporation setting have skyrocketed over the last year-plus because of the pandemic. And many employers and managers seem to be signaling that they expect remote or hybrid remote/on-site work to remain commonplace. READ MORE AT...
Whether you’ve just graduated college or are years into your career, you’ve probably been told to be patient. Being patient isn't the same as standing still. It requires work to get to your next opportunity and a proactive approach. So how can you be patient while avoiding the wait? Here are four tips. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR
If you're a woman in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics and you call Houston home, according to a new report, you're doing it right. In honor of Women's History Month, CommercialCafe updated its 2020 ranking of the top U.S. cities for women working in STEM. According to the report, Houston ranks at No. 5 on the list of the best southern cities in the United States for women in STEM. READ MORE AT INNOVATION MAP
Looking for a new job can be a stressful and challenging experience for many people. Nobody wants to be out of work or stuck in an uncomfortable position for too long, so you'll want to find something quickly and efficiently, but at the same time, taking on a new job is a major life event, and so you'll equally want to make sure that you're making the right choice. READ MORE AT UNIVERSITY HERALD
If you’ve been invited to an online networking event, you might be feeling apprehensive. There’s no question that networking in the absence of face-to-face interaction is tricky, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it and the more comfortable you’ll feel. Here are five ways to shine when virtual networking. READ MORE AT THOMAS
The perception that we’re in the midst of a “she-cession” — in which women have lost jobs at a higher rate than men — has not been borne out. And this winter, more mothers have returned to paid work, bringing them closer to the employment levels of fathers, a new analysis of census data shows. Last April, the number of mothers who were actively working and living with school-aged children plummeted 22...
Before the pandemic, women spent about four hours a day on unpaid household work. Men spent about two and a half. Once COVID hit, that number became even more disproportionate. That unfolded basket of laundry is so much more than just a battle of the sexes. It's hurting our economy. According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: "Two extra hours of unpaid work per day such as cleaning, cooking or caring for a child leads to a...
You no longer need to go into an office every day to earn a paycheck — and a fat paycheck, at that. Professionals with high levels of experience and training can earn just as much working from home as they would in a traditional work setting if they know the right career to choose. READ MORE AT YAHOO FINANCE
In 2020, businesses across all industries were forced to abruptly change the way they operate and rethink how they deliver their products or services. This resulting economic turmoil created many challenges and hardships – but it also created new opportunities, particularly as organizations across the globe look to accelerate their digital transformation. READ MORE AT THE ENTERPRISERS PROJECT
The pandemic has waylaid plans and potentially derailed the career trajectories of many professionals across various industries. As the world collectively recovers from this crisis, there is an opportunity to reset career goals and emerge with a sharper focus on how to achieve success in this new environment. If you’re in the process of assessing and setting your career goals for 2021, try incorporating these tips for shaping a path...
Your personal brand is the entirety of how you present yourself in the world. It encompasses who you are as a person, as an employee and as an expert in your chosen field. Creating your personal brand can be the linchpin in achieving your professional goals, by providing a fuller picture of who you are to your potential employer. READ MORE AT SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY