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If you’re in the job market—and who isn’t these days!—you’ll want to present yourself as a strong candidate every step of the way. And there is nothing more important in doing so than having this one thing.  It’s a single, clear, compelling message about yourself. After all, you need to be telling your story, and at the heart of a good story is a message. READ MORE AT FAST COMPANY
Searching for jobs is not always the most fun task. Between revamping your resume, revising your LinkedIn, reaching out to recruiters, preparing for interviews and following up—it gets to be draining. Quickly. Not to mention the seemingly endless cycle of finding a job, applying, interviewing and being rejected. It is  tough. In fact, 73% of Americans say that job...
According to data recently analyzed by job site Monster, January and February are the most popular times for people to search for a new job. Fortunately for job seekers, job openings also increase during the beginning of a new year, as employers embrace their newly refreshed annual budgets. Job site ZipRecruiter reports that  j ob postings typically increase by 15% from December to January. READ MORE AT CNBC
While many industries are hiring, the top three are administrative, support, waste management and remediation services with over 26,000 open positions. Professional, scientific and technical services have over 20,000 jobs available. Retail trade position also has over 18,000 open spots. Top 5 Tips for Unemployed Individuals Looking for Work Urgently Right Now. READ MORE AT FOX 31 DENVER
January is a great time to get hired. The reason? The start of the year is when a lot of companies' budgets renew, and that opens the door to hiring opportunities. Additionally, people tend to return from the holidays focused and refreshed. That means hiring managers may seek to fill open positions that have lingered. READ MORE AT NASDAQ
The novel coronavirus has taken the U.S. — and the world — by storm, temporarily paralyzing many of the industries that we’ve come to rely on.  Although Congress passed a $2 trillion “rescue” package that provided stimulus money to most taxpayers and increased unemployment insurance payments by $600 a week, these benefits were not enough for many working families. If anything, they could be compared...