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If you’ve been applying to jobs and not getting interviews or offers, you may not be selling yourself enough. You can have the greatest resume or speak brilliantly in an interview, but if you don’t sell yourself, it can often be the difference between getting a job offer or not. READ MORE AT HBR
When pulling back the curtain on the interview process, you learn that there’s a lot you were never told about. Meeting the requirements listed on a job description is only one small part of the hiring process. There are easy-to-implement actions you may be unaware of that will make you stand out and win the job offer. READ MORE AT FORBES
Job interviews can be intimidating but preparing for the different types of interview questions you may be asked can have a significant payoff. Your resume, career experience and cover letter can only take you so far — now it’s time to bring it home and prove why you’re the best person for the role. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR    
With the pandemic changing the entire hiring process, Zoom interviews are slowly becoming the norm (at least for now). While it can be difficult to adjust to this new style of interviewing, all the same rules apply, like arriving on time, asking questions, and wearing pants (seriously, wear them). READ MORE AT POPSUGAR
For the first time in a long time employers are worried: The past few months have been dubbed The Great Resignation, with 4.4 million employees leaving their jobs in September alone. Employees and job seekers are reevaluating what they want from a company, and it includes more than just salary and perks. READ MORE AT BUSINESS INSIDER
Let’s not sugarcoat things—interviews can be uncomfortable. Finding that perfect balance of showing off your skills while remaining true to yourself is a lot of pressure. Here are eight tips to make the experience successful for both you and your potential employer. READ MORE AT BU TODAY
Unfortunately, rejection can be an inevitable part of the job search. Despite knowing this, it never feels good being turned down for a position, no matter how gently the recruiter lets you down. But worse still is if you are never offered a full explanation as to why you didn’t get the job. Luckily, there are several common reasons you might not have been made an offer and being aware of these mistakes can help you to avoid them in...
Building your professional network can offer many benefits. Not only is networking an important part of your job search, but the people in your network can provide different levels of support while you’re searching. Maybe that’s sharing job postings, proofreading your application materials or practicing for interviews. Here are three tips to help you grow your network this year. READ MORE AT UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER
Even workers with many years of experience can find job interviews daunting. Without a doubt, they are the most difficult hurdle to overcome on the way to securing the ideal career, but with preparation comes confidence. Interviews can go wrong if you aren’t fully prepared. Follow these simple steps to make a good first impression. READ MORE AT SILICONREPUBLIC