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Maintaining your networks is vital to your ability to innovate, problem-solve and win new opportunities. In a study undertaken by Harvard Business School it was found that communication with close contacts rose by 40 per cent at the expense of a 10 per cent drop in exchanges with strangers or individuals we don’t know particularly well within our professional circle. Being intentional about maintaining our outer...
If you’re looking for a job and watching the coming COVID-19 holiday season loom, don’t despair: It could be your lucky break. Companies have budgets for 2021 and often want to have new team members in January. That makes the holidays one of the busiest times of the year for some HR teams. READ MORE AT FAST COMPANY
When the pandemic struck, some side hustles fell by the wayside. You’d be hard-pressed to find a mystery shopping, tour guide or restaurant job at the height of the stay-at-home orders, for instance. However, several industries are now picking up steam. Some are back from the dead, while others are simply ramping up to new highs for the holidays. Jobs that are revving up. READ MORE AT LOS ANGELES TIMES