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Many business owners and professionals I know claim they are too busy in their jobs and not interested in taking part in any networking events. They don't realize that success in business and their career is dependent on the right relationships as well as hard work. In addition, relationships found through networking can make your life a lot more satisfying as well as more productive. READ MORE AT INC
Why are connections important in business? They’re the threads holding everything together. The more relationships you have, the more intricate your network becomes. The trick is to build something that lasts. That means not only creating relationships but strengthening them by honoring your commitment to others in everything you do. Here are tips for building strong connections. READ MORE AT NEW ORLEANS CITY BUSINESS
If you're an aspiring entrepreneur but are feeling stuck when it comes to taking charge of your career path, you might need to boost your confidence with new productive habits. Building the profession you want takes long hours, creativity and lots of energy. You can leverage your time and skills to design your dream career by adopting effective methods. The key is getting started and committing to one new routine at a time. Here are four...
Studies suggest that networking at events can gain companies up to 20% of their new customers, and a networking strategy can also be the key to finding new investors and partners that will help to grow your business. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for everyone to network successfully.  some of us are shy, we're not sure where to start, or we have not had great luck in the past. READ MORE AT CPA PRACTICE ADVISOR
Although we cannot deny the fact that in the past decade women have begun to establish businesses and become successful, some of the struggles that women entrepreneurs have to face remain. Regardless of the change in time which has led to over 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world, they are still struggling to overcome the challenges that they face regularly. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR
While it is a good idea to keep traveling at a minimum right now, if you need to do so for business, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Networking and traveling during the pandemic can be a safer and easier experience if you follow a few tips. Here is what business owners like Jaime Manteiga, founder of TapTok, are doing right now to keep networking while traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE AT THE...