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We hear a lot about discrimination against older tech pros, but younger tech workers face their own challenges. It can be especially difficult for the youngest members of the team who have limited professional experience. The good news is young tech professionals can take several steps to get their voices heard and be taken seriously. Here are some pieces of career advice for young professionals as they establish themselves in the...
The top two aspirations parents have for their adult children are that their kids are financially independent and that they have jobs they enjoy, according to data from Pew Research Center. A parent’s wish for their child to be professionally successful is understandable. It can also lead to some unsolicited advice. READ MORE AT CNBC
Changing jobs, a good increment and good experience in big companies are not enough for career growth. Every manager looks for certain skills in their team members. Whether you are looking for a new job or a promotion at your company, it is important for you to upgrade your skills. READ MORE AT NEWS18
Becoming confident in what you do and learning new things is some of the best career advice a professional should know to become better at what you do and advance in your career. Check out these tips and traits you need to have to be successful in what you do. READ MORE AT BIOSPACE
Undeniably, the pandemic has upended many people’s plans of building a successful career. In fact, it has potentially derailed the occupations and career trajectories of numerous professionals across different industries. However, times have changed as the world is gradually recovering from the crisis. Now, you have an opportunity to set your career goals again and emerge with a better and sharper focus to achieve success amidst a...