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There are few experiences more frustrating than being stuck in a career rut—especially in an uncertain economy. Whether you feel stuck because you’re not being challenged enough or because you’re in a job you fell into and didn’t necessarily want, or simply because the pay is too good to walk away from, two of the most important things to know are that you aren’t alone and that it...
You might have secured a new job, position or changed your job prospects requiring you to relocate to a new city, town, or even country. Whatever the circumstances, it’s fair to recognize how dealing with a job relocation can often be troubling. Relocating for a job is not always a bad thing; when one is required to shift from one area to another for work it’s usually because of better opportunities or to boost their income...
Despite significant changes in technology and media in our daily lives over the last 20 to 30 years, the humble one- or two-page résumé has remained a remarkably consistent tool in the job application process. While requests for video job applications are now in the minority, it’s not hard to imagine that a generational shift toward them will increasingly occur. READ MORE AT INSIDE HIGHER ED  
Life can be unpredictable, and along our journey, we will face many challenges and risks. Yet, how we view the challenge is often the determining factor of whether we bend under pressure or rise toward success. Here are a few tips to help you turn your challenges into opportunities.  READ MORE AT ESSENCE
For much of 2020, travel ground to a halt as Americans stayed close to home rather than facing the restrictions and risks of going places during a pandemic. This summer, however, travel is booming. And airlines face a shortage of pilots, limiting their ability to meet demand. If you're looking for a lucrative career opportunity, you may want to consider becoming an airline pilot. Fees at a private aviation undergraduate institution...
As the world begins to re-open and COVID-19 vaccines are readily available, the job market is showing signs of recovering from last year’s economic shutdown. To make sure you appear as a top candidate on the jobs you’re interested in, here are a few tips to improve the look of your resume. READ MORE AT AARP
As we emerge from the pandemic, thousands of jobseekers are being held back by imposter syndrome. According to latest research, 85 per cent of us have felt incompetent at work, with women more likely to suffer than men. READ MORE AT THE SUN
With the pandemic, working remotely has become the new normal. And whether you work from home alone or find yourself surrounded by screaming children, it can be difficult to focus. Employing these work from home strategies, you’ll be able to stay motivated—even in the long-term. READ MORE AT FORBES
Representation of women in the cybersecurity industry has grown over the past years and, while this is positive, there is still room for improvement. Growth and success in this area require that everyone work together to amplify each other, but this is easier said than done. Interestingly, not everyone in cybersecurity started with a technical background. Some of the women currently in cybersecurity started in non-stem-related...
It's no secret that many people hope to score a promotion in the new year. The good news is this goal might not be out of reach, provided that you start putting in the effort now. Find out what steps you can take now to ensure you climb the career ladder. 1. Take Charge in One-on-One Meetings. Read more at Yahoo Finance
It's not uncommon for many to reach a point in life where they start wanting a change in their career. Whatever your reasoning, the idea of changing careers and starting from scratch in a new sector or industry can be exciting as it is daunting. To start with, you'll have to step out of your comfort zone and pick up new skills and knowledge. READ MORE AT BUSINESS INSIDER
In-person networking events are returning as more and more people feel comfortable gathering indoors with larger groups of strangers. To some, networking is easy and fun, but to others, it’s an uncomfortable chore. When identifying the kinds of networking events you’ll want to attend, the first place to start is understanding what type of people you’re trying meet. READ MORE AT ENTREPRENEUR